So, how does this belief manifest in the way you approach being a boss @poachedcreative?

This was the question Spark + Mettle posed, via Twitter, in response to Lara:

@SparkAndMettle: brilliant @poachedcreative boss @jessicatsmith is big believer in importance of enjoying work & the social impact it makes

It got me thinking.

Staff and volunteers alike say Poached has a good atmosphere where everyone looks out for each other, people generally like being in the office and, at least they tell me, they feel supported and happy to be working.

How much of that is down to the people we attract and how much of it down to careful management and design I can't say. I guess they feed off each other.

Here are my answers:

@SparkAndMettle Tough question for a tweet! 1. recognise that work is just part of someone's life 2. encourage staff to support oneanother

@SparkAndMettle ...socially and professionally 3. take the chance to have some fun now and then, eg close office early for a snow day or BBQ

A lot of it also has to do with our office buddies Mediorite and YH World who share our values and constantly push for a better working environment.
I'd be interested to know if anyone out there has recent research or further thoughts. Tweet @jessicatsmith @poachedcreative @sparkandmettle or comment below and we'll RT you.

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