The value of social value

Even though the words 'social enterprise' have been removed from the final version of the Social Value Bill, which has now passed through Parliament and is set to become law, it is undoubtedly good news for social enterprises like Poached Creative.

Falling awkwardly between charitable and commercial (like many genuine social enterprises), we're ineligible for a lot of funding. What's more, our philosophy is confusing for business people and charities. "So, you work harder and your profit margins are lower because you're training people as you go?" asks the business person. "I don't get it. Charities pay you for communications?" says the charity worker. Yes to both!

Our video trainer Adam oversees a young camera person, Ondre, reporting for
Discover Young Hackney. Photo by Emma Gutteridge.
We're providing a service that charities and public bodies need and are willing to pay for. And my argument is that because we're closer to the people they're trying to reach (we work alongside homeless people, people with mental health issues, people with criminal records, long-term unemployed people and young people to co-create communications) we're better at it than the big agencies.

Recognition of social value, rather than just competing on the lowest price for government contracts, will help us a lot.

Yes, there's the need to more clearly define 'social value' and social enterprises will need to be clear and transparent about how they deliver additional social value with any public sector offering. But I hope this will give us the foothold we need to step up our public sector delivery.

If it works the public sector, business and society will be better for it.

Read more about the Bill on the Civil Society website.

Find out more about what Poached Creative can do and how we deliver social value.

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  1. It's great to hear you're having such success!