Why am I doing this?

I'm exhausted. Really.

Today went something like this:

  • get up at 6.30am and go for a run
  • get to work by 9.30am
  • work like mad till about 2pm
  • take half an hour for lunch, in that time make three phone calls and buy a computer
  • work till 7pm
  • meet up with some former colleagues for dinner
  • get home at 11.30pm
  • check Poached emails...

This last part is where I am now and just when I was starting to think, "Why am I doing all this?", I received Angela's first blog post. Her enthusiasm for what we're doing really shines through.

Then she comes out with something like this:

"If there’s one word for how this makes me feel, it’s empowered. I know at the end of this I’ll look at the work produced and feel proud that I’ve seen it through. It’s flattering that someone has the confidence in me to carry out this project."

This illustrates the most inspiring thing so far about working with Angela and Jeevan: seeing how they respond to the challenges we set together.

When I first started working out objectives with Angela I had the standard columns for 'what do you want to achieve' and 'how are you going to get there' but I quickly realised I needed an additional column showing my commitment to support her. Once we had a sense of how much each of us were prepared to put in, there seemed no end to what we could achieve.

I guess it's the sort of thing HR types would describe as the psychological contract, which means I've got a lot to live up to over the next few months but it's more than clear why I'm doing this.

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